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Monday, April 19, 2010

God's Tiny Angels

This is a group that I interact with personally and it is run by a wonderful lady - Danette Lemaster.  She does all the work of cleaning, packaging, coordinating and shipping of the items donated for the babies.  She is aided by a wonderful army of ladies and one gentleman who craft for her and enthusiastically create everything from hats to blankets and booties as well as burial items and more.  Below is information about this wonderful group.

Every day across the world there are babies born ill or in need. Some of God's babies have little more than a tiny diaper. Imagine what you could do to make their new lives a little warmer!

Our home on the web has been blessed by others that have sewn, crocheted, quilted, knitted and even went out to yard sales for the little ones.

Photo used with permissionGods Tiny Angels is an all volunteer group that provides items to Cabell Huntington Hospital in WV and elsewhere across the country, free, to the parents.

Help make a difference today. Tomorrow will bring more of God's Tiny Angels.

" Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday."
"God took care of yesterday, why not let Him take care of tomorrow?"
You can find them on the web at



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